Professional Parenting

woman and child

CTA’s professional parent services combine the services available in residential programs with the advantages of a family home.  This model has proven to be one of the best options for children and youth who are unable to live with their family--especially youth with the most unique behavioral, mental health, or developmental needs.

In CTA’s professional parent program, services are individualized to the needs of each child and family.  One of the great advantages of this model is that services can be decreased and increased seamlessly--changing level-of-care without moving the child over and over again.

CTA is committed to helping kids obtain permanency whenever that is possible, and to supporting kids to have stable, fulfilling lives when it is not, and this has been proven in our outcomes and in the lives of the kids we support.

Professional parent services are available through various funding sources, including the the Division of Child and Family Services, Optum Salt Lake County, the Division of Services for People with Disabilities, and Utah's System of Care.

CTA’s Professional Parent Program Serves:

  • Children and Youth with Developmental Challenges (e.g. Autism, Intellectual or Developmental Disability, Developmental Delay, Borderline Intellectual Functioning, Cognitive Disorder).
  • Children and Youth with Mental Health and Behavioral Needs
  • Children and Youth with Dual Diagnosis (Mental Health and Developmental Needs)
  • Children and Youth in DCFS Custody
  • Children and Youth in DSPD Services
  • Children and Youth under Salt Lake County Medicaid/Optum