Children and Youth Affected by Trauma

child playing

Traumatic experiences can be difficult for everyone, but they can affect children and youth in particularly profound ways that are often hard to see. We deeply appreciate the impact traumatic stress can have in kids lives, and have embedded trauma-informed practices throughout our services.

Our professional staff provide evidence-based trauma treatment, utilizing the therapeutic approaches proven to be most effective in helping kids with a history of trauma.  In addition to typically developing children and youth, our clinicians are experts at adapting evidence-based trauma treatment to kids with significant mental health problems, and to kids and adults with developmental challenges such as autism, intellectual disability or mental retardation, developmental disability, or cognitive disorder.

In addition to the treatment provided by our clinicians, the rest of our services are designed to support recovery from the effects of trauma and to help kids reach their full potential.

For more information about trauma treatment, please contact us.