Families with Children or Youth who are Struggling or at Risk

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We believe that home is the best place for children and youth. Families who are struggling with their children need people who will not judge them, but will respectfully seek to understand their unique situations. Truth be told, raising kids can be extremely difficult for everyone, and even more so when life throws you curve balls or when kids are temperamentally difficult, face mental health or developmental challenges, or make bad choices.

It is our goal to keep kids home and help families be successful. Our services are carefully tailored to the needs of each child and the priorities of their family or guardian, with a complete commitment to helping create fulfilling lives.

We provide a wide range of services to children and youth who are living at home or who are working toward returning home. We are innovative in creating comprehensive wrap-around programs that have enabled many kids to remain or return home with their families who normally would have to be in out of home care.

Services are available to children and youth funded through various sources, including the the Division of Child and Family Services, Medicaid, Optum Salt Lake County, the Division of Services for People with Disabilities, and Utah's System of Care.

Services Provided to Families with Children and Youth who are struggling: