Change a Life - Become a Professional Parent!

Professional parents provide a home to a child in need. CTA provides 24X7 support, training, and a customized matching process. Professional parents are compensated for providing this valuable service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to become a Professional Parent? CTA is looking for all kinds of families. Single persons, married couples, people with kids, empty nesters, and beyond. We love to have a variety of families!

What are the basic requirements to apply to be a Professional Parent Parent? Be 18 years or older, pass a criminal background check, and be able to provide a private bedroom. That's it!

How much will I get paid? What about the costs of food? The rates we pay vary depending on the person and their unique needs. Typically you will be compensated in the range of $1,500 - $2,500 a month. Additionally, you will receive a monthly payment typically in the range of $400 - $500 to cover food and other household expenses.

Where are your services located? Currently we are providing services in Salt Lake County and Utah County.

How long will it take to get certified and have a child placed in my home? This depends on many factors such as your availability to complete training, background check approval, and finding a great match for YOU. We can work to get you certified and have a placement as quickly as possible, but we will also take the time necessary to ensure the stability of of each placement and make the best possible matches.

How long does the child or adult live with us? Again this varies depending on the situation or case. Typically we look to do placements for at least a year, but in many cases placement can go for longer including well into someone's adult life.

Does my spouse need to complete training and other requirements? Yes, if you are married, both parties will need to complete all training requirements.

What are the bedroom requirements? Must be a minimum of 80 square feet, have a bed, dresser, and closet space, have a screened window that opens and has window covering, and also a pop lock doorknob to ensure privacy. The person you support does need to have their own bedroom.

What if I have other kids or pets in the house? This is all part of our matching process. When you apply, we will learn about your unique home situation with kids and pets. We will take all of this information into consideration when looking for the best possible placement for you and your family.